Dominican Republic



Currently, EWB-TAMU is planning to serve a community in the Dominican Republic. Through the implementation of a water distribution and sanitation system we plan on making a life-changing impact in the future community!

The Community

Villa Verde EWB picture.png
  • Diverse community outside capital, Santo Domingo

  • Primary language is Spanish

  • 6,000 people

  • 2,000 households

  • Community broken into 3 regions - upper, middle, and lower area

    • Lower area has most pressing need​

  • Dirt roads with poor drainage

The Problem

Just west of Santo Domingo lies Villa Verde, a diverse community with a significant drainage problem. We are developing a road and drainage system to divert the influx of water that pools to invite mosquitos with malaria and causes structural damage. 

Drainage and Roadwork

EWB flooding DR.png
  • One hour of rain can cause flooding

  • Rains 30 - 40 times a year

  • Currently, no formal drainage system exists

Highest Priority Needs

EWB raining.png
  • Improving road system to make roads passable for personal transport, even during rainy season

    • Walking, bikes, motorcycles, small cars​

  • Develop drainage system to divert standing water to nearby outlet​​

Dominican Republic Project Leads

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WED, 6:30PM



Dominican Republic project meetings are every Wednesday at 6:30PM in HEB219. If you are interested in this project, please attend the project meeting on Wednesday and join the GroupMe for more information. If you are already involved in this project, please refer to the GroupMe for any updates. 

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