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Welcome to our international project in the Dominican Republic! The main objective of this project is to improve road conditions and implement flood mitigation in an area where flooding is a major issue. We are currently researching the best solution to this problem that is budget-friendly, effective, and teachable. We have an assessment trip planned for December 2021 and are looking forward to start implementing our solution!


Welcome to our international project in Matyazo, Rwanda! The main objective of this project is to implement latrines in an area where open defecation is a prevalent issue. EWB-TAMU aims to build 3 latrines on our first implementation trip and teach the community about the importance of healthy sanitation practices all while instructing them on how to construct the actual latrines themselves. Even though this project focuses on solving a major sanitation issue, it will also have direct impacts on the social and economic status of the region. We have just traveled to the community for an assessment trip, and are super excited to get this project rolling!

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