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Happy Holidays from EWB-TAMU!

As finals are approaching, EWB will no longer be having general or project meetings for the rest of the fall semester. That said, we hope you stay engaged through our social media platforms and visit us again in the spring semester as we are sure to have some exciting new updates!

The projects planned for next year are still the Rwanda project and the Dominican Republic project. Please join us in finding sponsors and encouraging people you know to donate towards our cause so that we can allow for teams to travel next year! You can donate here or email us to find out the ways in which you, family, and friends can support us during the holiday season.

Stay warm, safe, and BTHO finals!!

~see you in the new year~

*Note: If you are on either of the project teams, please reference your respective GroupMe channel for any communications over the winter break. There will most likely be check-in meetings to ensure we are all on the same page (and maybe even getting some work done) in time for the new year.

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