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EWB-TAMU currently consists of 4 projects: Rwanda, Dominican Republic, FIELD, and Development. Try one or all of them out to see where you belong!



Mondays (Weekly) | HEB 221 | 7PM

The DR project team focuses on developing a road and drainage system in Villa Verde to prevent structural damage and divert the influx of water that pools and attracts mosquitos with malaria by:

  • Identifying primary flood sources

  • Defining conveyance systems

  • Implementing an improved drainage system along their roads to mitigate flooding and eliminate standing water


Tuesdays (Weekly) | HEB 221 | 7PM

The Development team enables EWB to grow & complete projects through the support of our fundraising and communications sub-teams.



Wednesdays (Weekly) | HEB 221 | 7PM

The Rwanda project team focuses on facilitating community access to affordable sanitation and increasing agricultural income for food security in Matyazo, Rwanda by:

  • Designing and implementing 100 composting latrines

  • Incorporating a hand-washing station

  • Using local materials and labor

  • Educating the community on sanitation


Thursdays (Weekly) | HEB 221 | 7:30PM

FIELD aims to equip EWB members with the basic skills needed to complete an international project. Members are given an opportunity to take part in local projects that help create an impact in the community while also equipping members with the skills for success.


Check out the amazing work done by our members in our previous projects!

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