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Dominican Republic Project Overview

Villa Verde, Dominican Republic

Currently, EWB-TAMU is planning to serve a community in the Dominican Republic. Through the implementation of a water distribution and sanitation system we plan on making a life-changing impact in the future community!

The DR project team focuses on developing a road and drainage system in Villa Verde to prevent structural damage and divert the influx of water that pools and attracts mosquitos with malaria by:

  • Identifying primary flood sources

  • Defining conveyance systems

  • Implementing an improved drainage system along their roads to mitigate flooding and eliminate standing water

Highest Priority Needs

  • Improving road system to make roads passable for personal transport, even during rainy season

    • Walking, bikes, motorcycles, small cars​

  • Develop drainage system to divert standing water to nearby outlet

The Community

Villa Verde EWB picture.png
  • Diverse community outside capital, Santo Domingo

  • Primary language is Spanish

  • 6,000 people

  • 2,000 households

  • Community broken into 3 regions - upper, middle, and lower area

    • Lower area has most pressing need​

  • Dirt roads with poor drainage

Areas of Interest

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