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What is FIELD?

Fundamental Introduction to Engineering and Local Design

The FIELD initiative was started to bridge the gap between new and experienced EWB members’ knowledge. The primary goal of FIELD is to equip EWB members with the basic skills needed to complete an international project. Members are given an opportunity to take part in local projects that help create an impact in the community while also equipping members with the skills for success.


Members can get involved with FIELD by attending workshops and attending weekly meetings. Workshops and intended to associate members with a professional in the field who can teach them a new skill. These workshops occur on the weekends and all EWB members are welcome and encouraged to come! Following the workshops, weekly meetings will take place to put into practice what was learned at the workshop.


Some of the workshops held thus far:

  • Project Management

  • AutoCAD

  • Technical Writing

  • Surveying

REACH Partnership

Respect Empowerment Aspiration Community Hope

The REACH Project is a nonprofit that provides resources to support A&M campus workers with an ultimate goal of creating affordable housing villages. FIELD will take part in this initiative by offering our help with small engineering projects. In the Fall 2021 semester, FIELD’s main project was building raised garden beds for the REACH Project’s community space in Bryan, Texas. Following the success of this project, FIELD may be involved in building other things in the community space such as a pavilion, bridge, or even an aquaponics farm! You’ll have to join to find out!


Want to learn more about the REACH Project? Check out their website!

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