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Rwanda Project Overview
Matyazo, Rwanda

Currently, EWB-TAMU is serving the community of Matyazo, Rwanda. Through the implementation of latrines and effective sanitations habits, we hope to positively impact this growing and wonderful community!

The Rwanda project team focuses on facilitating community access to affordable sanitation and increasing agricultural income for food security in Matyazo, Rwanda by:

  • Designing and implementing 500 composting latrines

  • Incorporating a hand-washing station

  • Using local materials and labor

  • Educating the community on sanitation

Highest Priority Needs

  • Poor sanitation and resulting health challenges​

  • Want toilets and hand-washing posts​

  • 64% unimproved sanitation and 18% open defecation (Cranfield University study)​

  • Cost is major hindrance


The Community

EWB Rwanda community.png
  • Rural, highland community of Ngororero District (Western province of Rwanda)​

  • 6143 people​

  • 1205 households​

  • Majority farmers​

  • 52% female & 48% male​

  • Poor fertile soil​

  • Main crops: potatoes, beans, bananas, maize

Community Support

  • Community will provide non-industrial locally available materials​

  • People have mobilized and will cover 5% of cost of project through monthly contributions​

  • Estimated cost: $73,600​

  • All households willing to participate (Goal: 500 households)​

  • Primary goals of community

    • Improved public health​

    • Increasing agricultural income​

  • Estimated 3,234 people will benefit from 500 latrines

The Community
Areas of Interest

Areas of Interest



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