Spring Showcase Banquet

April 24th, 7PM

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Meet Our Guest Speaker

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Grady Hillhouse, P.E.

Civil Engineer

Widely known for his educational video series Practical Engineering, one of the largest engineering channels on YouTube with over 1.8 million subscribers and millions of views each month.

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EWB-TAMU delivers sustainable and innovative solutions to real-world problems in order to empower international communities by offering opportunities for the students of Texas A&M University to

Manage international engineering projects

Develop relationships with members of other cultures

Create engineering designs

Lead the implementation of those designs

Initiating the supporting functions of these projects

"EWB has been a great place to meet other people passionate about service projects and develop my skills. The cool thing about EWB is that the students do everything from planning to meeting with members of the communities we are serving."

Aaron Su '24 - MEEN, Dominican Republic | Drainage Team

 "Rwanda was the most incredible place with so many people who were genuinely excited to be part of the project. There were so many great parts of the trip, but my favorites were every time we got to talk with someone new about their vision for the project. The sense of community and their passion to serve their friends and neighbors was evident in every conversation and was an inspiration for me and my teammates."

Ruby Ross '22 - Biomedical Engineering, EWB President

"As a freshmen, I sought opportunities where I could learn about engineering and important life skills, as well as a productive place where I could put those same skills to good use. EWB was a perfect match for me since it aligned with my goals and offered me a chance to work with communities from around the world."

Diego Sol '21 - Aerospace Engineering from Calabasas, California