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project timeline

2009 to 2010 updates

January 19-22, 2009 – Exploratory Trip

August 14-18, 2009 – Assessment Trip

Accomplishments: surveyed data, water quality, water pressures, percolations, simple site surveying, health assessment surveying, and facilitated community discussions

January 9-16, 2010 – Implementation Trip, Phase 1

Accomplishments: constructed foundation and collected data for the remainder of the construction

August 1-25, 2010 – Implementation

Accomplishments: constructed wastewater system, built concrete block building, set up wiring and networking

2011 to 2012 updates

January 9-15, 2011 – Assessment Trip

Accomplishments: collected data for water project

January 3-15, 2012 – Implementation Trip

Accomplishments: installed 950 meters of 63 mm PVC, refurbished a pressure break tank

August 19-23, 2012 – Monitoring and Assessment Trip

Accomplishments: located places for water storage tanks, collected data from springs, obtained quotes for building supplies and equipment, structural and function evaluations of the computer center, check pipeline for breaks and leaks

2013 to 2016 updates

August 5-14, 2013 – Implementation Trip

Accomplishments: poured foundation and built three water storage tanks

January 2014 – Monitoring and Assessment Trip

Accomplishments: evaluated if installed tanks solved problems, located new problems, surveyed for possible new tank sites

January 2016 – Monitoring and Closeout Trip

Costa Rica project officially closes after over 7 years of work. As sad as it is to leave the community, we know they are better equipped to face their future problems independently.

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