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Updated: Jan 13, 2020

A few of the opportunities we like to brag about providing to our members are:

Leadership Opportunities

International travel

Student-led DESIGN of sustainable solutions

Hands-on and practical experience

BUILD & implement engineering solutions

Network with faculty and donors

Develop engineering skills outside of the classroom

SERVE communities around the world

So what does that mean?

Not only will you get the opportunity to use those engineering skills you’ve worked hard to develop in the classroom in real engineering opportunities, but you can also meet an awesome crowd of like-minded individuals who are passionate about traveling, serving local and international communities in need, and Texas A&M University! We love spending time outside of meetings at social events with all of our members. By constantly growing together as a tight-knit, passionate group of students we become more successful in our engineering efforts. Come check us out! You won’t be disappointed!

We do more than just engineering work!

At EWB-TAMU we love providing opportunities for our members to grow together as a community – in addition to our regular organization and project meetings. This includes socials, service opportunities, culture workshops, and much more!

Please see our calendar and our ‘Current Project’ page to see when we meet.

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